Real-Time Web Tools to Instantly Connect With the World!

The gift of technology today expects everything to be fast and on-the-go. Instead of post letters why not do it with email? Want to capture an image? Do it with your digital camera!

The term “real-time” is basically a catchphrase that refers to the ability of setting tasks instantly or at the exact moment they should be accomplished. And Web 2.0 made it possible for individuals or businesses to gather or broadcast information, conversations or news instantly. Web design and development has indeed come a long way.

The Internet has become an open menu complete with all the dishes you want for your table of curiosity. Let me delight you by discussing some examples.

Real-Time Web Tools to Instantly Connect With the World!

• If you are looking for news and events around the world today, real-time web tools provide you with options.

Google News – as the world’s number one search engine tool, Google has the ability to bring the latest news from around the globe. Google News provides expert opinions, relevant articles, and point of views from varieties of sources online. Their interface gives you the option to select news editions from different countries worldwide displayed on the timeline.

AllVoices – this is a platform for contributors to share global news and exchange ideas. The reports are posted automatically from their news RSS feeds. Anyone can find or share news on allvoices using SMS or via the website.

Worldometers – this site have selected sources only from trusted world institutions such as: the World Health Organization, United Nations, World Trade Organization, World Food Programme, and more.

• Twitter is the face of real-time web tools today. This micro-blogging site provides users with limitless real-time content. You can make the best out of Twitter using numerous platforms. Here are a few:

Trendsmap – this tool allows you to see trends around the globe, in your area or state. Trendsmap is currently having eighty million tweets processed per day. And 120 countries with 1300 cities have pages in the site.

Twitscoop – this tool tracks what people are talking about in Twitter. Their system cuts tweets into tags and ranks them by frequency versus the normal usage. Tweets are displayed correspondingly according to your searched topic and results are refreshed automatically.

Tinker – is another Twitter client that shows the latest Twitter buzz. You can follow or create event stream, user or topic according to your preferred keywords. It can also be used to promote your own events.

• Netizens (Internet Citizens) are continuing to grow in number which made it possible to track or find people online easily in real-time.

Pipl – it is a people search engine that dive deep into the web for information. The search results come from databases, social networking services, and etc. to find bits of possible essential information.

PeekYou – a free people search engine which serves millions of visitors monthly. If Google looks at the probable association of a link with a keyword, PeekYou see a link’s probable association with an individual.

Spokeo – this is another people search engine that can be used to track individuals across 22 social networks without visiting each site individually. You may search people by name, phone number, address, email or username.

• Sharing content is one of the well-known purposes for real-time web. This is also a crucial function of a business website to promote their content to the world, which is to have “Share” buttons.

Share2Me – this browser plugin allows individuals to share favorite stuff online with friends across different platforms with just a click. This tool can be integrated to any site, following three easy steps: Register to get a publisher key for the button, choose a button from their page to generate the code, and paste the generated code to your site.

FriendFeed – provide services that make it easier to share with people online. Users can invite friends and get customized feed made from what they shared like videos, links, messages and photos. FriendFeed can be viewed and shared from mobile, email or even from the social network Facebook.

Wists – the term is short for web lists where you can find shareable stuff online to bookmark. Users can create wish lists of product images from any online store, organizes a gallery of thumbnails with favorite stuff like songs, books or movie CD’s. Wists encourages the promotion and discovery of products, amateur designers, small manufacturers and retailers. Once signed up to Wists, you can add their button in the browser toolbar and start from there.

It is indeed important to be kept updated with the fast-running times today. Hence, real-time applications or web tools are of great importance to individuals or business corporations. These tools will help you avoid delays or mishaps with anything you wanted the world to know.

It is also crucial to choose tools with reliable system on which they work on, as well as proper development of its program. These are just a couple of the many factors to consider in selecting your real-time web tool.

Netizens are fortunate to have been able to get the chance and advantage of what modern technology offers these days. Nevertheless, it will always depend on each individual to take responsibility in using the web tools for the common good of our modern world. Just as Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said: “With great power comes great responsibility”.